welcome to a glimpse into my

tiny urban garden

It is dedicated to being a safe haven for ALL pollinators. Native nectar & pollen-producing flowers are selected with care to ensure pollinators are well-fed throughout the season.

I live in the urban city of Richmond, VA—the historic district of church hill to be exact. I am less than a ten minute walk to St. Johns Church where Patrick Henry is attributed to giving his infamous quote to the Second Virginia Convention on March 23, 1775: “Give me liberty, or give me death!”

Since I live in the city, my garden is tiny. It is under 1500sq feet. Yet, it is abundant with life, hums with the buzzes of Bumble bees and the glows with the magic of fireflies.

I started with four medium-sized planters. They fit perfectly over the front porch railing allowing me to create an instant micro-garden which required little effort on my part. I’m still amazed at the number of pollinators who visited each day.  At the time, I didn’t know clearwing moths existed, let alone lived in my area! Seeing the Snowberry Clearwing (Hemaris diffinis) for the first time was magical! I thought I’d seen a huge Bumble bee. Nope. I had seen a day moth!

The colorful blooms of Cosmos, Sunflowers, and Pentas inspired me to expand the garden. Slowly, over time, I maximized every plantable space—which brought more pollinators and inspired me to learn about who was now fluttering with me in our space.

What I learned

The smallest garden will invite pollinators into its space. The size of it doesn’t matter. What matters most? The Plants. It’s all about the plants you’re asking the pollinators living in your area to eat.

This tiny urban garden is more than a place to watch flowers bloom. It’s transformed into a huge living classroom! I cherish it and rarely have a blank page in my Nature Journal. Nature Journaling for me is a record of what I learn from the natural world. It’s the minute notes of our meeting and spending time together.

Below is a small gallery of the pollinators and beneficial insects that visit(ed) the garden. I hope it inspires you to invite pollinators into your garden and onto the pages of your Nature Journal.

Below is a small gallery of the pollinators and beneficial insects that crossed my garden’s path.

All photography and artwork is inspired and created by my tiny garden located in the urban city of Richmond, VA. All photography and artwork on this page is copyrighted by me, stephey baker. All RIghts Reserved.
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pollinator lives matter

Don’t let Native Bees and Butterflies go hungry.

Plant Superfood Flowers.
Strive to limit the non-native (junk food) varieties of flowers as much as you can—unless it’s Cosmos.

If you ask me, there can never be enough Cosmos.

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