Online Classes

inspired by nature
created by stephey

with the hope that by observing
the beauty of Nature
you discover
the Natural beauty within yourself

“ I Believe Nature Can Teach Us To Come Home To Our Self”

Nature Journal

Observing, Learning & Drawing From Nature

Creating a Nature Journal allows us to easily explore the natural world around us and develop our inner curiosity while engaging our creative side.

Nature Journaling opens our eyes and connects us to the natural world by simply observing Nature’s beauty. I believe Nature longs to connect to us, to teach us and enchant us with her beauty. She waits for us patiently to put down our laundry list of to-dos, and simply take notice.

Because when we make time to be still and take notice of the natural world around us, we deepen our connection to the natural world within us. Ordinary days are no longer—ordinary. The mundane is transfused with wonder, beauty, and new experiences.

Join me as I share my observations and insights of tending to a Nature Journal over the years and share creative tips and ideas for you to create a nature journal unique to you.


Registration: TBA
Class Starts: TBA
Duration: 30 Days
Fee: $75.00 USD

In-Person Class: Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens Saturday, April 2-9-2022
Time: 10:00 am – 3:30 pm

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“Colour is the language of light.

“The presence and experience of colour is at the very heart of human life. In a sense, we are created for a life full of colour.”
—John O’Donohue

inspired by color: Winter Session

Learning to see and recreate nearly any color found in nature using watercolor paints

The goal of this class is to demystify how to mix clear, saturated, and crisp colors using watercolor paints. We start by using a limited color palette—only three pigments can create 100s of colors. We then add more pigment to our palette, for convenience and to speed the color mixing process up + continue to build our personalized palette. Learn how the human eye ‘sees’ light and how that influences the way we discern color.

We’ll also discuss how to read paint labels, why paint color can vary between brands, the difference between student grade & professional-grade paint. Learn to avoid mixing muddy colors and how to consistently mix bright vibrant colors—even neutrals, darks, and blacks.

January 2022

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“All you can achieve is a sense of your soul.

“You gain little glimpses of its light, colors, and contours. You feel the inspiration of its possibilities and the wonder of its mysteries.”
—John O’Donohue

nature’s oracle

Looking to nature’s totems and archetypes for guidance, support and inspiratoin

Learn to connect to Nature’s Totems for guidance and support by discovering the symbolic meanings of plants, animals, insects, and various archetypal elements around you.

Rather than sit with Oracle or Tarot cards to uncover our deeper thoughts and connect with our Spirit, we look to the natural world—Nature becomes our living Oracle.

We’ll discuss how to record our experiences in a way that’s unique to us, for me, I’ve created a personalized picture dictionary.

Through the language of symbols, you’ll open to experience magic every day and draw inspiration and insight from the most mundane events.

+ receive exclusive discounts, extended payment options and scholarship opportunities.

“Awake butterfly

it’s late and we’ve miles to travel”