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“Spend time every day listening to what your Muse is trying to tell you” ~ Saint Bartholomew

Hello! Do you listen to your Muse? If so what has she taught you? I’d like to share with you one of the most valuable lessons my Muse has taught me. Living Wholeheartedly!

To live with your whole heart – it’s not as easy as it sounds and admittedly there are days where this state of living is difficult but nonetheless, the wholehearted journey is one I practice and the path I’ve devoted myself to travel. This devotion has allowed me to be released from pain, trauma and fear that once held me frozen and feeling small.

It is my perspective, that a wholehearted journey requires truth as its companion and devotional commitment to the heart, plus a willingness to listen and take action on what the heart urges. I’ve found to be in the presence of truth requires adaptability, constant change and acceptance (inner + outer). It also requires a willingness to talk when there is silence, laugh when caught in fear, breathe deeply when closing down, be still when in the face of doubt and practice daily the art of release + begin + continue + repeat.

Some look towards the north star for guidance, I strive to look within, to the heart center – this is my Muses lair. To listen for my Muses voice and heartbeat, a heartbeat we share – this is my Polaris, this is what gives me the courage to take flight and shine.

Below you will find a few of my museful friends I’ve found along the path towards heart felt living. Each have touched me with inspiration and courage, either directly through one-on-one correspondence or through the brave work they share through their eCourses or blog. I hope you choose to take a moment and visit each one and that your visit is inspirational + nurtures and invoke your creative spirit.
Please visit again as I continue to post here during my free time.

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*If you have any Museful Friends you’d like to introduce me to please contact me – I enjoy meeting kindred spirits!