marked by the muse

Being Marked by the Muse™ is a fancy-pants motto to living creatively – to experiencing your fullest potential throughout Life.

Being Marked by the Muse yields strength, conviction, light heartedness and a feeling of invincibility.

The Muse is not biased.

The Muse can mark you in any moment, doing anything.

I’ve faced the blank page and have disappeared right into it. The room disappears, sound ceases to exist and I want for nothing. Nothing exists except the page I am creating. It isn’t until upon returning I realize I was gone in the first place. The ringing phone or someone biding for my attention brings me back.

Perhaps you’ve experienced this while gardening, cooking, listening to music, or watching a movie. You are focused. Nothing else exists. In that moment, you’re wanting for nothing. This is the mark of beginning.

When you disappear like this, make no mistake – you’ve just had a mystical experience.

The Muse is not stingy.

It can happen so frequently that you find yourself living a fulfilled life.
(I know this to be true for I experience my life fulfilled! I overcame years of struggling with depression by employing devices of the Muse. I am in the business of sharing these direct experiences.)

You know you’ve been Marked by the Musewhen you awake with a sense of vitality and optimism, when you no longer feel despondent or tired, when you find yourself laughing more than worrying and when you embrace challenges with a ferocity that is doomed to transcend any limitation that dare get in your way.

Invite the Muse

We invite the Muse each time we engage life fully and are present – consequently we create feelings of fulfillment and in so doing experience our fullest potential. When we repeat this cycle, adopt this cycle as our lifestyle; we are Marked with living an inspired life

Allow the Muse 

Being Marked by the Muse is allowing yourself , well, to be you, you are unique and your fingerprint proves it!

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You have ideas.
You’ve had them for years.
They’re good. You know it.
Now realize them.