Integrated Energy Therapy

iet integrated energy threrapy


For Many people feelings of being overwhelmed, anxious, and tired become a way of life. Living this way can lead to:
  • Health problems headaches, digestive disorders, back & neck pain tension, & sleeplessness – among others
  • Emotional problems such as anxiety, irritability, depression, panic attacks, isolation, and worry – among others
  • Conflict in relationships, both personal & professional Being unproductive & unhappy at work

Integrated Energy Therapy gets the issues out of your tissues. These types of issues, which originate from physical, emotional and mental stress, often involve an unhealthy complex between mind and body. For example, the mind can run away with worry as the body looses appetite & feels energized through long hours of busyness.

Alternatively, the mind decides to create change, “have a better life”, and the body rebels with exhaustion, flu, or headaches.
Experiences described above are ideally suited for Integrated Energy Therapy treatments.
  • Releases tension and everyday stress that makes you feel tired, burned out and overwhelmed
  • Creates a renewed sense of vitality Supports healing on all level – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual Brings balance to your life, allowing you to enjoy a clear sense of purpose and direction
  • Leaves you with a deeply relaxed calm state of being
  • Empowers you to create a life you truly desire
  • Removes you from the cycle and patterning of habitual behavior so what you truly want to create and be experienced

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“I’m looking forward to serving you doing what I love – providing inspirational support in making your deepest desires real, to create the change needed to live the LIFE you truly desire! Inspiration is the voice of your spirit. You can make real your inspirations real.” ~stephey

Questions? send me an email info [at] stepheybaker [dot] com

Stephey Baker employs Integrated Energy Therapy™ and Reiki in supporting her clients by clearing feelings and patterns of being “stuck”. She pin-points limiting behavioral patterns that are currently active and gently encourages the release while integrating new patterns that are optimal to her clients success in creating the life they truly desire. 

Ultimately, the process and speed in which Stephey’s clients experience relief are completely self-paced and non-obtrusive. Her foremost concern is creating a safe healing space built on trust and inspiration.

In conjunction with art and creativity, Stephey has developed a life process, which supports the mind, body and spirit in transcending limitations and trauma from the past. She works with artists, healers, coaches and people who crave to live an inspired life, who feel a deep connection to embrace a calling within to live their full spirit, yet, are stuck in the process and unable to move forward.

60 minute distant session $85.00

Three 60 minute distant sessions $235.00 SAVE $20 (must schedule all 3 sessions within 5 weeks of purchase. This is the perfect option for those on an accelerated path and wanting optimal support)


* Click on the button above to secure the session of your choice. Add as many sessions as you need, save $20.00 by securing a three sessions. Check out securely through PayPal. You don’t need an account with paypal to secure your session. You’ll then receive a confirmation email of your payment and a brief questionnaire. Within 24 hours of receiving your payment I’ll connect with you in order to schedule your session(s). Please note if you purchase a session after 4pm EST on friday I’ll connect with you after the weekend, the following monday, to schedule your session. My time zone is EST and serve clients from all over the world. If you need to postpone a session, do so within 72 hours of appointment to avoid forfeiting your session and payment. Rescheduling must be done at time of postponement and be no longer than 2 weeks out from the original date.

“An attitude of thankfulness and appreciation is the essence of joy.”

Integrated Energy Therapy Reviews:
“Steph has the ability to help you pinpoint just what it is you want to do. She can help you sort out what is really important. Her creative ideas are amazing.” Pattie ‘Neil, PAO Massage Works

“I met Steph several years ago, not long after I lost my brother and then my job. At first our relationship was just business, but she not only brought me out of the darkness of my grief, she also gave me the confidence I needed to find a new job and move into the next chapter of my life.

At that time, I was lost and searching for something more but not knowing exactly what I was expecting to find. I spoke to several different spiritual advisors, but they were all just a salve to my open wounds, luckily I listened to my inner voice and was eventually led to Steph.

After our first meeting , I knew she was genuine and trustworthy and truly understood what I was feeling. There is something about her that emotes honesty and trust, she has a gift for sensing your feelings and getting you to the point of identifying what is going on inside. She has a wealth of information on so many topics and if she doesn’t know is always willing to go the extra mile to find out. She is also one of the most creative and forward thinking individuals I have ever met and is open to anything you might throw at her.

She put me at ease from the moment I met her and I feel lucky that she is in my life for whatever I may need either spiritual or business related. I don’t see her as often as I would like, but I know if I ever need a sounding board she is there to listen and guide. I also know that she will never tell me how I should do something or try to force her opinions on me, on the contrary, she listens intently and then will gently nudge me to see what has been in front of me the whole time allowing me to choose what I want to believe or not, and never judging regardless of the choices I make.

She wants you to find the answers within yourself which then gives you the confidence and independence to succeed in where ever your path is leading you. She is one of the most positive and creative thinkers in her line of business.

Steph is an insightful guide, a gifted spiritual adviser, a trusted friend and so much more, I highly recommend her for all your needs. I did not expect our first meeting to end in a lasting friendship, but that is what Steph is best at, finding lost souls and befriending them. Kelly Evans, President of the Project Management Institute Central Va Chapter

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