There’s no fly-by night operation here.

No slackers. No air-heads.

But there are 14 generations — spanning more than 462 resilient years — of inspired artists — living Marked by The Muse.

To honor that heritage, as mother and daughter, we created Marked by The Muse for women, who are now, as we have always been — independent minded, incredibly artistic, and divinely feminine.

We continue to create art, designs and inspirational services grounded in classical simplicity and updated with a twist of whimsical imagination and wit. Be inspired by the wonder and symbology of color, totems of Nature, and the power of inspirational words.

We seek to creatively inspire you to awaken who you truly are.

Somehow, the majority of the world has come to believe that life is about keeping up with the Joneses, that it’s about how much you have in the bank rather than banking on yourself, that it’s about coloring inside the lines.

You can forget that.

Life is not one size fits all. There is no magic formula to get rich, obtain success or acquire love.

But there is magic in living Marked by The Muse.

The truth is, there is magic inside all of us.

Inside all of us is desire, to know we are good enough; hope, that what we do and who we are matters; creativity, wanting to be expressed; courage, to discover who we truly are.

Because inside all of us is an inspired force of nature—our spirit—The Muse.

While growing up, some of us have forgotten the magic of our spirit, the power of our imagination and the belief that anything is possible.

We’ve come to believe that magic is an illusion reserved for sleight of hand, for fairy tales, for children, and that the rest of us are grown up. We live in the real world.

Well, [bleep] that.

Magic is not make believe. It’s not mysterious tricks performed as entertainment.

Magic is no more unique to us than breathing.

We become enchanted in a magic moment. We feel magic, in a magic touch. Magic produces results, when we work our magic. It’s magic that opens doors, when we use the magic of words.

The truth is, magic makes life worth living, when we live Marked by the Muse.

Come and be a part of our creative family and discover your own magic—awaken who you truly are—live Marked by The Muse.