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I came nose to nose
with a fuzzy
bumble bee


in a crowded parking lot.

I froze. She stared.

bumble bee botanical artist stephey transparent

Wing and breath became one.

Time eerily slowed.

My fear thawed quickly as the hypnotic motion of her wings buzzed round and round in figure eights. The buzzing grew louder and louder. My body vibrated as the sound surrounded me — until I disappeared.

I entered her realm as mine fadeded away. It shifted me from feeling tense and startled into relaxed and open. My senses heightened. I feel a slight breeze on my cheeks from her invisible wings. I began to notice her black hairy legs dangling. They were slightly weighed down by fine spongy yellow dots of pollen. I wondered how many flowers she visited to be covered like that. She comes closer.

My perspective changed into an observer—observing. I was aware of how I felt while simultaneously being aware of what she felt too. I noticed the limitations of my sight line as it expanded to include nearly everything around me. It was as if I was looking into a garden gazing ball.

I squinted as her black mirror eyes reflected the sun.

I’m consumed with sunlight—unable to see.

I sense myself being drawn deeper. At one point, only light existed. It was as if you stared into the sun but never looked away. Because the light didn’t blind you it inspired you to see.

Though this was not my first experience of disappearing like this, it was with a bumble bee! She marked another wondrous encounter with Nature and a significant change taking place in my life.

She inspired me to transform my tiny urban garden into a habitat for Bumble bees, native solitary bees, and ALL pollinators. Learning all I can about Bumble bees and how to support their livelihood is one way I express reverence for her. But it’s natural for me to protect what I cherish. I think I’m like most people and want to take care of those I love.

After all, who we love live inside our heart, they become a part of who we are and carry them with us throughout the day. 

I am forever bonded and grateful to the humble bumble bee. I just hope my heart is big enough for her to buzz freely around in it.

I hope she feels cherished too and that I am able to make a difference.

(This is my wish for all pollinators)

botanical artist stephey sunlight pen and ink drawing
Bumble bee drawing pen and ink by stephey baker
All photography and artwork are copyrighted by stephey baker unless noted otherwise
bumblebee animal spirit green

My work is guided by Nature

to reflect the artistry and intelligence of the natural world.


Bonding with the natural world is a crucial part of my well-being as an artist. Spending quality time with Nature allows me to focus my inner vision to see beyond my senses, quiet my mind, and settle into my inner landscape. Here I am free to let my imagination run wild in an enchanted world inspired by Nature and symbolism, in which flora and fauna are messengers of Nature’s teaching.

I will always strive for flora and fauna to recognize me as a friend and encourage you to make a connection of your own to the natural world.

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my creative process

Exploring Nature

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look to nature

nature journal

begin to notice

nature journal

choose a beauty

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observe & learn

unearth an insight

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“ Nature is my steadfast teacher and muse. She sees me and I work hard to gain her trust so she too may call me friend.”



& lessons learned
from the

Bumble Bee

socail . hard working . efficient . atruistic

Bumble bees are extremely hard workers. Their work is important. It connects nearly every living thing in the web of life. Bumbles even serve us, humans, too by providing over two-thirds of the food we eat.

For every 1 honeybee, the Bombus species pollinates 2-4x MORE flowers. They work longer hours than a honeybee and in bad weather. Bombus is 50% faster too—talk about efficiency.

If you need a job done—yesterday—call on someone who works like a Bumble.

I’ve wondered if their ability to work hard and fast isn’t what makes their lives so short.

Just like the Cosmos flower, Bumble bees are an annual insect. Their life cycle is completed once every year. At the end of the season, the entire Bombus colony (50-500) dies—except the Queens. It’s her sole responsibility to make sure a new generation lives to buzz another summer.

How can you learn
from the
Bumble Bee archetype

If you identify with having an innate sense of responsibility towards others, or it feels natural, perhaps even easy, to work long hard hours serving those you love (or a project at work) symbolically, you’re working with the Bumble bee archetype.

Buzzing Perfectly

Hard working . Efficient . Organized . Friendly and Social . Focused . Altruistic

Sick & Tired

Burnt Out . Taken for Granted . Unproductive . Agitated & Quick to Sting . Overwhelmed . Purposeless

Bring Into Balance

Catch Up On Sleep . Be Social . Prioritize . Commit to Doing Only Your Work .  Do Something Fun . Buy Flowers . Spend Time Watching Nature

bumblebee animal spirit totem oracle


“When we walk on the earth with reverence, beauty will decide to trust us.
The rushed heart and arrogant mind lack the gentleness and patience to enter that embrace.”
—John O’Donohue
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