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nature journal

look to nature

nature journal

begin to notice

nature journal

choose a beauty

nature journal stephey baker

observe & learn

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I started formally studying art when I was 14 years old, in what is typically referred to as the “classical greek method”. It focuses on drawing from life—imitation of life—as the Greeks said, art imitates life.

Every drawing begins in nature, observing, recording, studying the plant and the various techniques needed to draw or paint its portrait.

Though I started my artistic journey formally and frequently take classes from master artists I respect to increase my skills, I consider myself a ‘self-taught’ artist. It’s because I’ve spent more time painting, drawing, and exploring various mediums such as pen and ink, block printing and even fabric painting in solitude than in a formal class. I’ve learned in order to tend to the artist within me, I need only invest in three things, a blank piece of paper, curiosity and time.

I believe anyone can learn to draw. After all, drawing is merely marks on paper. But to draw the courage from within to make that first mark on paper, to command the marks you make, to achieve consistent deliberate results—this is what takes time, practice and patience. These attributes cannot be taught in a class or learned from another—they come from within, They’re best cultivated by following our own muse— our inner Spirit —and a can-do attitude.

When our eyes are graced with wonder, (nature) reveals its wonders to us.

—John O'Donhue

nature journal stephey baker

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