“Awake butterfly it’s late And we’ve miles to travel” – Basho

When Japanese Haiku writer, travel journalist and lover of Nature, Matsuo Basho, wrote this haiku in the 1600s, I swear it was to encourage me, centuries later to do the exact thing! To wake up & take flight. Have you ever seen a butterfly emerge from its cocoon? It’s magnificent! Tearing through the Chrysalis to perch, to catch its breath, to sit still & get acquainted with its surroundings, to soak in the sun & dry it wings and to prepare for it’s first flight. A butterfly’s wings are wrinkled when first emerging. It needs a few moments to rest, to allow its wings to unfold, so it can take flight. And it does w/out hesitation, every. single. time. One moment, it’s still & the next, Bam! Without effort, it takes to the air & begins to seek its first flower.
Like Basho, I too was born in Japan. I know this has no true significance but somehow, I’ve always taken comfort knowing we both entered this world, from the same entry point. Weird, yes, but I’m okay w/that. 😁 Basho had a deep reverence for Nature, as do I. Art & Nature are my secret elixirs for inspiration, learning & deep healing. I definitely drink from them regularly. During a dark time in my life, they both filled me up with life again. To me, inspiration is a living force, as is Nature & you and I. If we listen, we can hear the butterfly’s heart beat. If we open our eyes, we can see it’s first flight & experience that magnificent moment. Just through observing the details of where you are, you can connect to an inspirational force that shows up when you need it & even when you don’t. You become connected. Doing these exact things is what eventually brought Botanical Illustration into my life & inspired me to plant flowers that sustained the life around me, ex. butterflies, bumble bees & various birds. I no longer felt alone, i was enchanted, infused w/Inspiration! which was a huge deal because I can remember a time when i felt small & insignificant, like an echo. I started spending time outdoors, like I did when a kid & slowly, rediscovered my wings. Nature, is the best gift giver–evah! Here’s to you rediscovering your wings!