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Never take caterpillars at face value

—I learned this from nature

(among other lessons)


Nature Journaling

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Hello, I’m Stephey

a botanical artist & instructor

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Bumble Bees
follow me around like puppies

a profound visit by a bumble bee marked a shift in my life

After we came nose to nose in a crowded parking lot, I discovered an enchanted world inspired by Nature and symbolism, in which flora and fauna are messengers of Nature’s teaching.

Because that Bumble Bee buzzed into my life, I found botanical illustration, and bumbles started following me around like puppies. I also was inspired to create a pollinating garden. It’s a way for me to express reverence towards her—the Bumble bee who change me.

The work I create is guided by Nature to reflect the artistry and intelligence of the natural world.

I am forever bonded to the Bumble Bee.

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Come discover an enchanted world inspired by nature and marked by the muse.

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“The last word in ignorance
is the man who says of an animal or plant,
“What good is it? “

― Aldo Leopold
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Want to make things like this?

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2023 Nature Journaling Sessions
Location: In-Person and Online at my Studio
+ Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens

You don’t need to be an artist to create or tend to a nature journal. However, you must be a lover of flowers and plants and excited to experience the beauty of the natural world! In this two day class, Stephey Baker, local creative and avid urban gardener for bumble bees, guides you step-by-step to creating a nature journal unique to you. Discover how to identify basic leaf shapes, flower structures, and creative tips that are easy to implement—all while honing your observational skills in a relaxed and inspired environment. Whether you live in the city, the country, or the suburbs, there’s always opportunities to connect to the natural world around you—it’s beauty, heritage, and significance to the web of life. When you make time to be still and take notice of the natural world, you simultaneously deepen your connection to the natural world within you. Come create something meaningful just for yourself or share nature’s beauty with someone special. All materials provided. Join me!

Spring 2023: Sign-Up at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden’s Site
Four Sessions in total. 2x a week for two weeks
Monday March 20, 2023 10:00-3:30pm
Wednesday March 22, 2023 10:00-3:30pm

Monday March 27, 2023 10:00-3:30pm
Wednesday March 29, 2023 10:00-3:30pm

Sign-up below to be informed when the next online Nature Journal class is open for enrollment. Limited seating available.

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pollinator week bumble bee stephey baker

Drawing Bumblebees into Your Yard & on Paper

2023 national pollinator week

pollinator week 2023 bumble bee stephey baker
Pollinator week 2022 bumble bee

In-Person + Online
In-Person Location: TBA
Online: TBA

Join Stephey Baker, a local creative, nature journaler, and avid urban gardener for bumblebees, during Pollinator Week as she guides you step-by-step to creating a small bumblebee drawing. You don’t need to be an artist in order to participate. Nor do you have to admit to being scared of bees either—paper bees rarely bother anyone. As a reformed scaredy-cat of all things “buzzing” in the garden, Stephey readily vouches for this! However, you must admit to being a lover of flowers and plants and excited to experience the beauty of the natural world—especially this hard working super pollinator! Learn how to identify the Bumblebees in your backyard, why bumblebees are 2-4 times more effective pollinators per bee than honeybees or solitary bees, what to plant for pollinators regardless of the size of your yard (or lack of it), and why bumblebees are an annual insect. Also, learn how to identify the docile bees least likely to sting. Some shimmer a beautiful blue or green! Whether you tend to a nature journal, or keep a garden dairy, learning more about bumblebees (and other buzzing pollinators) provides valuable insight into keeping our ecosystems healthy. Come celebrate National Pollinator Week, get creative, and be informed by all the buzz in a relaxed and inspired environment. All materials provided for in-person event. Limited Seating. Sign-up to learn more and get notified when enrollment opens.

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